Mikaela Marget and I have enjoyed MPR Class Notes so much that we are signing up for a second year teaching as a duo called Heliopsis, creating improvisational works featuring Timbila, Mbira, and Cello.

When choosing a duo name, Mikaela Marget and Nyttu Chongo wanted something that reflected joy and light. They settled on Heliopsis, the scientific name for Sunflower, which captures the forward moving energy of the ensemble.

Heliopsis plays original music for various traditional instruments from Sub-Saharan Africa, cello, and voice. Their music ranges from raucous and dance-like to serene and peaceful. Each tune has an element of improvisation, so no two performances are the same.

Heliopsis is a 2022-2023 MPR Class Notes participating ensemble, participating for the second year in a row.

I invite you to listen and watch a sample lesson of ours here.

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