I am so grateful and honored to be featured this year as one of the Cedar Cultural Center’s 2022 Cedar Commission artists.¬† This Friday, I will be performing Nkovu Wa Xivavu, which means “A Celebration of Pain” on the Cedar’s stage at around 8:30PM, between two other amazing artists who are also commissioned artists for the evening. This all-original, new work has never been performed before and I am so eager to share this music with the world.
From top to bottom: Kora, Inanga, and Xitende.
My collaborators on this project include:
  1. Mikaela Marget, Cello
  2. Jason Burak, Cello
  3. Svetlana Davis, Viola
  4. Karin Valdizan, Violin

Practicing during the Pandemic was a significant challenge. After I worked for several months composing the work, we gathered in pairs and practiced for a month one-on-one at my home before eventually coming together for our final two weeks of group rehearsals all together.

Rehearsal with Karin Valdizan.

The songs we will be performing include:

  1. ¬†Sinyanguena (I’ve Arrived)
  2. Pfulani ti Dleve (Open Your Ears)
  3. Xlhokonono (Oppression)
  4. Kokandindasse (The Press-Wheel Roller)
  5. Ubuntu (Come Together)
The Cedar Cultural Center has published a news article today featuring an interview I gave about Friday’s performance of Nkovu Wa Xivavu. You can read it in full here:

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