This album is highly personal. It lifts up the joys and anguish of being an artist and musician in a world that values productivity. It is both a celebration of life and a cry for help, it is both a prayer for peace and a call for justice. I believe that I was called to use music to heal and bring people together. With this album, I hope to deliver the will of my ancestors and bring peace, joy, and healing to others.
The overarching theme of this body of work is a calling back home. The mbira is a spiritual instrument that is capable of calling lost souls back to their ancestral roots. I believe that I am not the creator of this music, instead it comes to me from the spiritual world. These are the sounds of the universe. Some of these songs come to me in dreams. The artists that collaborated on this album were selected song by song not only by my ancestors, but theirs as well. Their contributions carry meaning and show the power of the spirits that connect us to each other.
“Libandzuwa” means “the power of the sun” in a language from Mozambique.  It is also the name that I gave to my son, who was born just at the start of this musical journey. He is now approaching two years old, and seems to embody the joy, light, and energy of the very sun itself.  The title track on this album is a love song to my son. The lyrics of the first verse are translated:

Quando você nasceu, eu me renascí.                      When you were born, I was reborn.

Quando voce riu, eu chorei.                                      When you laughed, I cried.

Quando voce sorriu                                                     When you smiled,

Nivonile mashory.                                                         I saw miracles.

Quando voce chorou,                                                  When you cried,

Aprendi nova canção.                                                  I learned a new song.

I hope you can join us celebrating the release of this album on 6/30/2021 at the Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts in Fridley, MN.
Listen to a sample of the song “Libandzuwa” on my HearNow page, or see where you can download or stream it.

Nyttu Chongo – Xipendane, Vocals  //  Carlos Cartys – Pan Pipe Flute, Quenacho  //  Matt Grosso – Electronic Drum Kit

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